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chi siamo

The Maciarine born in Seggiano in 2005 in an environment particularly suited to viticulture and of great landscape value.

the first vines were planted immediately placed a slight slope that leads down to the Orcia between 330 and 400 meters above sea level. Four hectares, geared for mid-south and the other half to the south / west. The blend is made up in large part of Sangiovese (90%), Cabernet (5%) and Petit Verdot (5%) to soften and enhance the aromas.

The first bottling dates back in 2008.
In 2015, Federico and Michela Vigni very young – he graduated in Environmental Economics, she architecture student – in search of new experiences and attracted by a return to the origins of the work related to the territory, undertake a search of land to be allocated to their future farm .

Just happen in this strip of land, a garden of olive seggianese olive trees, vineyards, cultivated fields, pastures and woods in the hamlet of Poggioferro down towards the Orcia. A breathtaking view with the charm of the village of Seggiano and olive trees that form the lower part of Mount Amiata, the Potentino Castle, one of Velona, ​​Sant’Antimo and Sant’Angelo in Colle in neighboring Montalcino and finally the beautiful sunset over village of Montenero.

A nature shaped by man who attributed the beauty that only his “skilful hands” can create.

The beauty of the landscape, the quality of the vineyard, the goodness of the Montecucco wine and the prospect of growing a not up to the product market have pushed Federico and Michela to invest in this new venture.

Their first vintage was that of 2015; the prospects are of a very high quality wine that adds to the already excellent previous vintages in the cellar.
The next steps will be the conversion to organic production and the construction of the new winery.


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